Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing aims at utilizing social media channels viz. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more to get your audience involved with your brand. An effective social media marketing strategy converts the traffic into effective customers/buyers through effective engagement.

Social Media Marketing Service

Do you have a simple plan to make social media work for you?

Social media is now the most effective tool to interact with the prospective customers. This marketing concept has completely transformed the way business attract customers. It is easy to manage and create a social media account and post content. However, it is important to know where the opportunities lie and how business can turn them in their favour. Do you know how different customers behave to the various contents? For this, you need to have quality content and impactful social media marketing that can create buzz for the brand.

Social Media Marketing is now the latest addition that has gained high reputation in the short time. Each year, this marketing style is gaining trust and popularity among the internet users. It looks simple to create a social media account, but developing a result-oriented social media marketing strategy is not the cup of tea for an individual company. For this, the help of expert social media is required. We promote different business over the internet using various social devices like Android Mobile phones, Tablets, Laptops, etc. This is the best way to reach to the group of the defined customers.

Why you need the help of Pinakin Digital?

We at Pinakin Digital have experienced professionals who manage and create social media account on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, etc. We hold expertise in providing exhaustive social media marketing solution to the companies. The team is well educated, experienced and equipped to build a successful social media platform for the client’s business. In this, we also provide and perform some important social media marketing activities like:

  • Social listening & observation
  • Social Media Strategy & campaign formulation
  • Online reputation management
  • Real-time monitoring & responding
  • Contest ideation
  • Content development & distribution


Brand awareness: The main intention is to increase the number of followers. With this, business gets more referrals and brand awareness. This means that a business get the relevant followers that are relevant to the business. The experts ensure that your business get benefitted by the scanning process of the visitors based on the demographics, interest areas and behaviour.

Better customer engagement: The business needs to build an emotional connection with the audience. We know that your social media marketing should be engaging and make visitors your fan to turn a visit into a deal. Pinakin Digital social media marketing services so managed that your business engages visitors through comments, re-tweets, etc. All this effort from experts truly leads to a long-lasting bonding with the customers.

Increased website traffic: A business website’s success depends on the visibility and increased online traffic. Social media marketing concept promise to deliver huge traffic to the website that ultimately leads to higher sale volume. We conduct programs and campaigns for the clients to increase the chance of conversion.